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About Blair Family Dental, S.C.

Blair Family Dental has been located in Cottage Grove since 2003. Our newly renovated office space is at 435 W. Oak Street, Cottage Grove, Wisconsin. The office was designed to give a comfortable homelike feel. With only one dentist and one hygienist you always know who you will be seeing. That personal attention is what we like to receive when we visit other professionals and it is the way we want to treat our patients. Our goal is to provide every patient the opportunity to maximize their oral comfort, health and esthetics. We recognize and acknowledge each patient's individuality and work with you to establish the treatment which will best fulfill your personal goals.

About Dr. Donald Blair, DDS

Dr. Donald Blair, DDS


Dr. Blair, a Madison area resident since 1972, earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from Marquette University School of Dentistry in 1983. As a general dentist Dr. Blair enjoys the variety of dental services he is able to offer. Dr. Blair has been dedicated to continuing education in order to keep up with the latest materials and techniques. Dr. Blair is active in his church community, loves the outdoors and spending time with his wife Dawn.

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You can contact Dr. Blair anytime** by E-Mail.

About Dawn Blair, RDH

Dawn Blair, RDH


Dawn grew up in northern Wisconsin and moved to Madison in 1996. She received her Dental Hygiene degree from MATC in 2004. Dawn became a patient at Blair Family Dental upon locating in Madison and started working here in 2006. When not working Dawn attends numerous sports events to watch her two boys, Adam 13 and Jonathon 11.

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You can contact Dawn anytime** by E-Mail.

**Contact by e-mail is NEVER secure. Because of this, patient protected medical information should never be sent by e-mail. Further, such information may not be protected by HIPAA, and other privacy and confidentiality regulations, laws, and policies. If you are having a medical emergency please dial 911 on your telephone to be placed in contact with local emergency personnel. If you are having a dental emergency please contact Dr. Blair directly. Please keep in mind that even through Dr. Blair strives each and every day to fulfill the needs of his patients there are times when Dr. Blair is unavailable. Dr. Blair and Dawn will try and respond to each and every e-mail in a timely manner during regular business hours.

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